Staff Information

Tapawingo Trails Camp aims to provide a fun and nurturing environment where teens and young women can develop real-life skills including the ability to work on a team, organization, management and leadership skills.


There are a variety of staff positions available each summer including Counsellors, Lifeguards, Program Leaders & Assistants, Groundskeeper, Head & Assistant Cooks, Kitchen Helpers, Camp Nurse, Counsellors-in-Training & Leaders-in-Training Counsellors.


Must be 17-yrs old by June 1st, 2021. All Assistants and Counsellors-in-Training must be 15-yrs old by June 1st, 2021.


Application Dates:


Staff Interviews:

Staff interviews will be conducted via Zoom towards the end of April   

(potentially April 17, 2021).


Two Mandatory Staff Training sessions will be held at the following dates/times:


1. LEAP Training ~ Leadership Training (online May 1, June 5, July 24).


LEAP Training is a leadership program geared towards developing the essential qualities of a good leader – inside & out!  Through the inspiring educational sessions, engaging group discussion, and challenging but highly entertaining activities, the participants learn to practice and fine-tune their leadership skills in a fun and welcoming environment.  For ages 15 – 19.  Upon completion, participants receive a Certificate of Leadership Achievement.  This certificate is a requirement for the applicants of Tapawingo Trails Camp.


2. Staff Days ~ Practical Training on  Friday, Aug 6 (3:00 PM) to Sunday, August 8

(3:00 PM) in Millarville, AB.  


The Staff Training Days and Camps will all follow the COVID-19 restrictions/protocols in place from the Government of Alberta at the time of the events. 


All camp leadership positions will be given an honorarium of $50 or service hours for school projects. CITs and assistants may also receive service hours.

Special Diets:  

In cooperation with the staff member, special diets requests will be assessed and accommodated on an individual basis.