Tapawingo Trails Camp is a week-long camp for girls ages 9 to 14 years old. The Camp is located at Camp Rehoboth Gull Lake, Alberta.

Tapawingo is an aboriginal word for “place of joy or happiness”.

True to our camp name, Tapawingo Trails Camp aims to provide a camp for girls that encourages the cultivation and practice of virtues in an atmosphere of joy and friendship.  Surrounded by nature, the girls have the opportunity to make new friendships, and through their participation in various activities, they learn a spirit of service and generosity.

Planned dates for Tapawingo Trails Camp 2021:

Week 1: August 8 (Sunday) – August 13 (Saturday)
Week 2: August 14 (Sunday) – August 21 (Saturday)


What We Have to Offer

New Friendships

Spirit of Service


Tapawingo Trails Camp offers a variety of activities that promote learning new skills, physical activity, connecting with nature and building friendships. Girls can have fun while trying new things, developing social skills, gaining self-confidence and making memories that will last a lifetime.