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Camper Information 

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Campers ~ 9-12yrs 

*campers must be 9-yrs old by July 31st, 2024

Thank you for choosing Tapawingo Trails Camp for your daughter’s summer camp experience. Your child will experience a fun-filled week of sports, drama, water activities, archery, and crafts. They will build life-long friendships, try new things, gain self-confidence, grow in faith and virtue, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Leaders-in-Training (LIT) Program ~ 13-14yrs

*LITs must be 13-yrs old by July 31st, 2024

Tailor-made activities will challenge young women to take an active leadership role during camp that prepares them for their future. The mentorship program, participation in cooperative activities, and involvement in spiritual and cultural formation classes allow LIT’s to deepen in self-knowledge, friendship, and faith.  Many LITs later apply for staff positions at Tapawingo Trails Camp after receiving this excellent training.


Leaders-in-Training participants (LITs) must complete a LIT Application Form in addition to registering as a camper.  The form contains the requirement to write a 250-word essay describing why the candidate would like to be a LIT.  The essay must accompany the application for it to be considered.  Please refer to the LIT Application Form for the essay parameters.

~Your Questions Answered~

What age groups does Tapawingo Trails Camp serve?

ages 9 to12-yrs old: campers

*campers must be 9-yrs old by July 31st, 2024

ages13 to14-yrs old: leader-in-training (LIT)

*LITs must be 13-yrs by July 31st, 2024

ages15+ -yrs old: staff 

*staff must be 15 by July 31st, 2024 - please refer to our Staff Info tab

What can I expect when we arrive to Tapawingo Trails Camp?

Families are invited to attend Sunday Mass at 12:00 PM at Rehoboth Camp on the first day of camp, followed by a bring-your-own family picnic lunch. 

After Mass and lunch, check-in begins at 2:00 PM. Once your daughter has been checked in, we say our good-byes and camp officially begins at 3:00 PM.

When does camp officially end?

Pick-up is between 9:30 - 10:30 AM during Camp Clean-Up. Families are welcome to arrive at 8:00 AM for morning Mass. 

Will Tapawingo Trails Camp accommodate special diets?

In cooperation with the parents, campers with special diets will be assessed and accommodated on an individual basis.

Can my daughter request a cabin mate?

If your daughter is new to camp (or easily suffers from homesickness) 

and your daughter would like to share a cabin with a particular girl, please indicate this on the registration form. The camp directors will do their best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee this will happen. 

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