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Tapawingo Trails Camp In A Box 2020!

Tapawingo Trails was disappointed to cancel our in-person summer camp in 2020. We were unwilling to abandon our time together entirely so we hosted a virtual program that was open to all Tapawingo Campers and Leader-in-Training.


The Virtual Camp ran over three mornings with 32 Campers, 12 LITs, and 18 Staff members registered. Although nothing could replace being together for a real overnight camp, it was heartwarming to play games, make crafts, listen to virtue talks and cooperate in leadership activities together online.

To enhance their experience,  each camper and LIT received a Camp-in-a-Box delivered to their homes.


The surprize boxes included a camp T-shirt, craft materials, the nighttime reading book, supplies for an indoor campfire, and the name of the camper to whom she to serve as Guardian Angel (GA) throughout the days of camp.


GAs sent letters through the regular mail to each other. Some of these campers have become lasting pen pals through this initiative.

virtual camp.jpg

A huge THANKS to all the Staff that volunteered to help out in the virtual camp.


These young women researched, planned, and led the virtual program.


This was new territory for all of us and the staff did an excellent job to make the camp a success.

Tapawingo Trails Camp
Trails Together 2021


In 2021, Tapawingo Trails Camp looked differently once again. We were still unable to host camp on site, so we continued with the Camp-in-a-box theme from the previous year, and modified the in-person camp to accommodate the current provincial health restrictions.


We hosted a one-day camp in Calgary and Edmonton and welcomed 51 campers, 12 LITs and 13 staff members. During the day camp we went for a short hike, listed to virtue talks from the LITs and staff, played games, sang campfire songs and each cabin created their own unique cabin cheer. Campers experienced many authentic elements of camp, made new friends, and were reunited with old friends. Our hope is to carry this momentum from the summer back to Rehoboth as soon as possible.

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